Danielle Stanfield

Miss Missouri High School America 2017

  • ​Top 15 at Miss High School America

School: Camdenton High School

Future Career Ambition: Double major in Journalism and Art Therapy. Then continue to work with and help crime victims and autistic children through counseling that uses art as a coping mechanism.

Hobbies: I enjoy competing in pageants, drawing or anything artsy, doing makeup for my schools theatrical performances, working out, being a varsity cheerleader, and working with victims of sexual, physical and emotional abuse in my community.

What is your favorite memory from pageant weekend?

Making life longs friends while gaining experience with things that could help me for the rest of my life. Oh and of course, competing for my dream job amongst many young ladies who are very deserving as well.

What charitable organization is closest to your heart?

I work a lot with Citizens Against Domestic Violence( CADV ) and Kid's Harbor. These two organizations both work with women and children who have been physically, sexually, and emotionally abused. They are all in need of someone to brighten their life, and I absolutely love being one to do this.

Why is BRAVE important to you?

I am a junior in high school and I have definitely seen my fair share of bullying. I have been bullied for not wanting to "fit in" and accept an alcoholic beverage or attend high school parties that hold illegal substances, such as alcohol and drugs. I have also been on the other side of bullying and have seen it first-hand. A young boy with Down syndrome was being bullied at lunch by a group of girls. This broke my heart seeing this happen, and I gladly invited him to come eat lunch with me. Experiencing two sides of bullying made me realize that even one person can make a difference and I want to help others realize this as well.

Holly Sprow

Miss Missouri Collegiate America 2017

  • ​Non-Finalist Interview Award at Nationals

School: Washington University in St. Louis
Major: Biology; Psychological and Brain Sciences
Hobbies: I adore traveling and studied abroad for 7 months in Europe this year. I also dance in my school's spring performance, Carnaval, and I enjoy reading, working out, and volunteering. I also love to learn new languages, and I can speak 6 languages with varying proficiency (English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Danish, and German)! 

What is your favorite memory from pageant weekend?
It was wonderful to meet the different contestants from all around Missouri, especially since everyone went to different schools and were different ages. I also felt really supported by my friends, family, and fellow contestants, which was a great feeling to have starting my year. 

What charitable organization is closest to your heart?

I am a huge advocate for mental health awareness, and I volunteer at Places for People every week. While there are a lot of wonderful organizations that I volunteer with, Places for People holds a special place in my heart because I have seen how issues with mental health can affect someone's life, and Places for People works to give these people a home, healthcare, food, and a community of support. 

Why is BRAVE important to you?
Everyone is bullied at some point in his or her life, and the experiences from being bullied can stay with someone throughout adulthood. BRAVE is important to me to teach children how to stand up to bullies and learn values that they will grow up with, creating a world that is more confident and friendlier. I believe that this is important for a child's well-being, and I am very proud to be a promoter of BRAVE.

Abilene Lortz

Miss Missouri Jr High School America 2017

  • 1st Runner Up at Miss Junior High School America
  • Overall Fashion Runway Winner at Nationals
  • Top 5 Community Service at Nationals

School: St. James Middle School
Future Career Ambition: Civil Engineer
Hobbies: I play year round competitive basketball for Team Blackout 2022 and am a St. James Lady Tiger on my 7th grade girls basketball team, I also play volleyball, sing in honor choir, and have played the piano for almost 7 years. I love to hunt, fish, swim, and ski. I’m a champion speller and when I was in the 3rd grade I told my mom that if I was ever in a pageant my talent would be spelling.

What is your favorite memory from pageant weekend?
Aside from being crowned, which was amazing, I loved that my family and friends came to cheer me on because it really helped while I was on stage. Since I don't have an older sister it was fun being around the older contestants because they were really supportive.

What charitable organization is closest to your heart?
I love volunteering at the St. James Veterans Home, the oldest Veterans home in the state of Missouri. I play piano on Sunday's during lunch and the veterans are very supportive and kind. One of my goals as Miss Missouri Jr High 2017 is to visit all 7 of the Veterans homes in Missouri and play piano for the Veterans.

Why is BRAVE important to you?
I've been bullied before and I didn't speak up until my mom started asking questions. Everything worked out really well and I wish I had said something sooner. I want to share that message with others because it would have resolved things much faster.